Sunday, April 01, 2018

Shane Watson lands new job as ICC umpire वाटसन करेंगें Umpring

In a troubled week for cricket, the International Cricket Council has come out with some positive news, with the appointment of former Australian all-rounder Shane Watson to the Elite Umpires’ Panel.

वाटसन करेंगें Umpring

Watson will replace veteran umpire Aleem Dar, the longest-serving member of the panel, who has been a member since 2004. It is expected Watson will umpire in his first Test Match during the England-Pakistan series in June.
ICC chief executive David Richardson hailed Watson’s elevation to the Elite Panel.

“Shane will bring a vast wealth of experience to the role of umpire, having not only been a successful international cricketer, but also someone who embraced the technology available to umpires,” Richardson said.

It is believed that the ICC, in making the decision, took into account Watson’s high performance in visual acuity tests.

A source close to the ICC executive said that one of the difficulties in recruiting top-flight umpires has been finding people with experience at the game’s top level with an interest in umpiring.

“Umpiring just isn’t very interesting to most people,” the source said.
“But from very early in Watson’s career, he’s taken a keen interest in umpiring, how they make their decisions, and the nature of truth as a concept when applied to a cricket match. He’s a natural.”

Shane Watson of Australia walks from the field after being caught out
(AAP Image/Dan Himbrechts)

Watson, who played 59 Tests, scoring 3731 runs at an average of 35.19 and taking 75 wickets at 33.68, as well as 190 ODIs and 58 T20Is matches, said in a statement that he was looking forward to the next phase of his cricketing life.

“Umpiring has always excited me, ever since I was playing U12s and wondered how the umpire could be so wrong about where the ball had struck my front pad,” he said.

“Since then I have been constantly studying the work of umpires in an attempt to better understand how decisions are made and how the process can be improved. Even in my international career, I was at pains to apply my theories of umpiring to my on-field play. I’m excited to finally get to apply them in an official umpiring capacity.”

ICC President Zaheer Abbas was quoted as saying, “Thank god for some good news about cricket, finally. Shane’s keen eye, strong sense of justice and rugged good looks will be a massive asset to the Elite Umpiring Panel for many years to come.”

It is understood that Watson’s first appointment will likely be as a third umpire, where he has informed ICC officials that he wants to “shake up” the DRS system, relying less on technology and precise ball-tracking measurements, and more on instinct and “feel.”

In a presentation to the ICC board, Watson presented his Theory of Holistic Umpiring, in which all factors – line, length, bounce, swing, spin, air pressure, mood, historical privilege and natural law – should be taken into account before a decision can be reached.

Watson said he was preparing intensely for his new role.
“These days there is so much technology at our fingertips, we would be fools not to use it,” his statement said.

“The amount of video material umpires are able to review to assist in honing their craft is amazing. For example, I have found a fifteen-minute reel of all my LBW dismissals, which has proved invaluable in getting my eye in for my first game as umpire.”